We help you build
resilience against
external threats, so
you can have peace
of mind that your
network is well-protected

PADLOCK anti-DDoS services

GT PADLOCK Anti-DDOS services provide comprehensive protection, one of the robust DDOS defense in the market. Its built-in on top of GT network which guarantees high-resiliency, better network uptime, zero latency and packet drop. For customers who are looking for Anti-DDOS services, GT offers two types of protection as below:

On-net Padlock

  • Total Bandwidth Protection
  • Bundle with GT IP Transit 24218

Off-net Padlock

  • Stand-alone solutions; without GT IP Transit 24218.
  • Subnet Protection

Traffic profiling and monitoring services 

These services allows you an in-depth and transparent view of network behaviors and activities. Customers will find this product helpful and effective architectures and capacity planning, security breach investigation, etc.

Key features include:

Eye on your network
Real-time view on network behaviours, activities, etc.

Extensive variety of reports
Get various types of report on your network, including Network Dashboard, Ports, Applications, GEOIP/Locations, Top Source, Top Destination, etc.

Centralised Login
Secured login through always-up onlineportal to access our services anytime,anywhere.

24x7x365 days Network Operation Centre (NOC) Assistance
Round-the-clock support, via email or phone call.


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