Global Transit is Bringing The World Closer

Our Point of Presence (PoP) all over the world from Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Japan, United States of America, UK, Frankfurt and Amsterdam and internet exchange in Europe, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, has given us a broader reach and firmer grasp internationally. An aspect that has kept our clients, here and abroad thoroughly satisfied. Under the flagship of TIME, Global Transit’s operative thrust is connectivity. We serve to connect you to the world, bridging all gaps by creating an unbreakable link. We are taking Asia to the World and bringing the World to Asia.

In essence, we are determined to connect Asia to the World back to Asia with no boundaries. Global Transit is a rapidly progressing telecommunications company specializing in regional connectivity and stands as a viable alternate gateway to the rest of the world. As part of its vision to broaden the scope of its service reach, Global Transit provides connectivity to leading service providers and enterprises to various parts of the world. Global Transit is proud to be bringing the world closer.

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