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GT Global MPLS Network
Our multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) network rides on Layer 2 & 3 services which is available in world’s most heavily data centric locations; US, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. It is resilient, highly scalable and equipped with world-class SLA. For immediate expansion into ASEAN, Global Transit’s A-GRID MPLS network will be the most ideal platform to collaborate with.

IP Transit
IP Transit enables the transfer of unlimited internet content at high performance levels and efficiency in traffic distribution,helping you meet and exceed the communications needs of  your customers.

This service offers unique package of cost-effective internet content accessibility by uniting top global Internet Exchanges over a single port connection.

GT understands your challenges in finding low-risk solution while keeping network expansion flexible. GT VPOP services help you to control your cost without the hassle of heavy network investment. You can quickly expand your reach at ease, by simply riding on GT’s readily deployed POPs, diversely located all over Asean and key global destinations.

Twin Turbo
A cost effective and highly elastic service to connect directly with Cloud Service Provider (CSP) e.g. Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and the list is still growing. Embedded with software define network (SDN) technologies, Twin Turbo comes with a self-selection portal, which enables you to provision your cloud services virtually from anywhere, anytime with limitless variations.

Managed Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)
GT offers professional configuration and world-class service support for network equipment such as routers, modems and switches. This service provides customer with a peace of mind in having their equipment maintained and service on-time; hence customers are able to focus on their core business.

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