Connecting Asia to the World and the World to Asia

In essence, Global Transit is breaking down communication barriers by connecting Asia to the World and the World back to Asia. We began in 2005 in Malaysia, but over the years we’ve grown, from country to continent, building fibre optic infrastructure and prosperous partnerships along the way. Currently, we have acquired three trans-continental cable networks: two spanning the Pacific and one connecting Asia to Europe through Africa. Closer to home, GT operates the Asia Pacific Gateway network and recently completed the A-Grid network which interconnects 10 ASEAN countries. With the economic growth of ASEAN economies and the everincreasing demands for internet traffic, GT is positioned to ensure the world has access.

Global Transit: A TIME Company

Providing integrated, end-to-end telecommunications solutions

Within the TIME Group, TIME dotCom and Global Transit build, own and manage a complex network of fibre optic and submarine cables that criss-cross both the region and world. AIMS manage the data centres and cloud servers that billions of bytes of data call home. By utilising these complementary skill sets, the TIME Group is forging a growing reputation as the most forward-looking telco group in ASEAN.

Malaysia’s Fibre Fixed Line Expert

TIME dotCom is pushing boundaries of fibre optic communications through Malaysia’s Cross Peninsular Cable System (CPCS)

Asia to the World & the World to Asia

The international tech team at Global Transit builds and manages fibre optic and submarine cable networks connecting Asia to the World and the World to Asia

Data Centre Pioneer

AIMS is the data centre expert who pioneered Malaysia’s first network neutral data centre and is now redefining data centres around ASEAN

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